Forestry Mower

The Bull Hog Forestry Mower  will cut and mulch brush, vines, and small trees up to 6" diameter. It will also grind the stumps down. This is the fastest and most efficient way to clear land, because there is no chipping, chainsaws, or laborers.

The front mounted Rotary Forestry Mower is capable of cutting material up to 6" in diameter and grind the stumps down.  This is another great way to clear trails, fields, and woods. 

Both Mowers can be used to clear overgrown fields, hedgerows, hiking trails, views, building sites, improve wildlife habitat, control of invasive plants, and eliminate brush piles. They are mounted on a track loader with rubber tracks so there is very low ground pressure resulting in minimal ground disturbance especially in sensitive work areas. All cut material is mulched up and returned to the soil which feeds the soil and reduces erosion.

We also have a Heavy Duty Flail Mower mounted on an excavator which can access tight areas, and also works great for clearing brush around stonewalls, or along stream banks.

Our newest piece of equipment is a Rotary Disc Mulcher mounted on a excavator. It is used for very dense trees, vines, and brush up to 10” diameter, especially useful in hedgerows with stonewalls, or difficult terrain with wet/rocky areas. It can cut down or dig out tree stumps, dig out and move rocks, plus move and stack large trees laying on the forest floor. A really helpful tool in the battle against invasives.  

Watch the videos and call today to see how we can put these amazing machines to work for you.

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